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Close the Loop was founded in late 2000 by Steve Morriss, with the specific goals of recycling toner and inkjet cartridges. We pride ourselves on zero waste to landfill and working with the original manufacturers to return materials for reuse in new printers, cartridges and other products. The name Close the Loop was chosen because the original idea was and still is to create a service that closes the loop on print consumables.

Close the Loop expanded into the United States in late 2007 and is building a state of the art recycling facility located in Hebron, KY. Close the Loop has begun collecting millions imaging consumables from consumers to be recycled into reusable products.

INNOVATION innovation
Close the Loop has achieved zero waste to landfill through technological innovation. A team of Australian engineering companies and Australian recycling experts like Dr. John Scheirs was formed with the goal of achieving zero waste to landfill from this complex and potentially hazardous waste stream, and ultimately working to return the raw material output stream back to the manufacturer for reuse in new printers and cartridges, effectively closing the loop. Close the Loop designed and built the now famous ‘Green Machine’ to process all-in-one toner cartridges, toner bottles, drum units, fuser assemblies, and more. Close the Loop has continuously improved the machine based on hands on experience and will continue to learn and upgrade their processes through R&D and continuous improvement. The inkjet cartridge processing line, built with the same philosophy, was completely redesigned with consideration given to fast up-scaling capacity again in the near future.

As legislation for extended producer responsibility of electronics waste matures, the demand for take back and recycling of imaging consumables is increasing not only in the United States but throughout the world. Close the Loop provides these services to Original Equipment Manufacturers, coordinating take back from countries right around the world for state of the art recycling and resource recovery at our facilities in Hebron, KY and Somerton, Australia.



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