Eyewear Recycling

Transparent solutions for recycling eyewear packaging and products.
Achieving a circular economy is easier than expected when you work alongside our team.

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Are you looking for a company who:

  • Helps facilitate end user or retail take back of your eyewear products?
  • Facilitates the material recovery/recycling of your product returns or factory scrap?
  • Partners with you to reach your corporate sustainability and circularity goals?

Work with us! We have over 20 years of experience recycling powders, liquids, and plastics in complex items. Our unique combination of experience, passion, and knowledge can help get your company and our planet headed in the right direction. It’s about time we made a real difference.

Let’s Build Sustainable Solutions Together

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Why is Eyewear Recycling Important:

  • It’s better for the environment. With the eyewear industry being so profitable, there are a lot of unused pairs out there. The more we can work to create sustainable products, the less harm we do to our planet.
  • It increases brand loyalty. Today, an increasing number of consumers are looking to buy eyewear with recyclable packaging and from companies that believe in sustainability. Take it from us: eyewear brands with recycling programs are lightyears ahead of those without one.
  • It saves money and resources. By implementing an efficient eyewear recycling program, you save both money and resources. At Close the Loop, we can help you establish sustainable solutions that are better for everyone.

Let’s Envision a Greener World

Learn more about our work, including our certifications and standards. Together, we can actually make an impact on eyewear recycling, as well as create effective take back programs. Our team believes in caring deeply for our planet. Won’t you join us?

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