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Take Back

Take Back

Collection is a key component toward achieving a Circular Economy. It demands thoughtful consideration not only to what is being collected but how it’s being accomplished. With the right tools and strategies in place, this initiative can help grow your market share and protect your brand while accomplishing your sustainability goals.

Close the Loop examines the efficiency and security of every step of your take-back program with the same degree of scrutiny you would apply to your own supply chain. Applying business intelligence tools and closely managing warranty returns and recalls are some of the ways Close the Loop has helped customers grow their brands and uncover new business drivers.

Working with Close the Loop, customers benefit from years of experience running product take-back and end-of-life collections across the globe, including expertise in sustainability requirements and a steadfast commitment to zero waste to landfill.

Close the Loop Take-Back Programs address:

  • Total View – Applying sustainability practices throughout the collection stream, minimizing freight and simplifying reverse logistics
  • Participation Drivers – Strategies for engaging end-users in your take-back program
  • Customization – Personalized attention and tailored programs to fit your goals and your audiences
  • Assurance – Safe and secure destruction, protects your brand and ensures you meet local government and corporate requirements
  • Brand Stewardship – Tracking collection of your branded consumables from end-users globally
  • Customer Insights – Tools for uncovering valuable product insights related to customer returns
  • Guidance – Assistance in achieving required standards such as EPEAT for print consumables and other stewardship programs

Making a Difference

A customer approached Close the Loop to redesign their take-back program. They were experiencing problems with their logistics provider and wanted to use this program as a sales driver and market differentiator.

Close the Loop designed a return method that satisfied their logistics provider’s requirements making the reverse logistics more efficient. As a result, end users were returning more per container and staying within the logistics provider’s guidelines.

By changing their take-back program, the customer was able to increase their returns. This program is now a pillar in their marketing and is a key differentiator in the sales process.


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