environment icons over the Network connection on nature backgrou
What is Greenwashing and Why Should You Avoid It?

If you’re one of the many businesses looking to be more sustainable, we are proud...

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Cell phone cases. Are you properly disposing of your cell phone cases?
Are You Properly Disposing of Old Cell Phone Cases?

Cell phone cases have become one of the trendiest and most disposable accessories of the...

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Panoramic of a forest at sunrise
Benefits of Starting a Take Back Program

In light of the U.S. government’s recent acknowledgment of the climate crisis, many businesses are...

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Pink eyewear being help up by a woman wearing pink and white. Learn what to do with your old eyewear.
What Do I Do With Old Eyewear?

Whether it’s an updated prescription or an updated trend, getting new glasses is inevitable for...

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Cosmetics on a table, including eyeshadow palettes and brushes.
Recycling Solutions for Cosmetics Products

Because of how many cosmetics are created and packaged, recycling them can get complicated. Contrary...

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Hand holding a growing plant.
5 Things You Want From A Sustainability Partner 

Any successful partnership requires a delicate balance. You want someone who will listen and understand...

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Woman looking out. Make this the year you commit to business sustainability practices.
6 Ways to Commit to Sustainability This Year

This year, decide to create and commit to your corporate sustainability goals. Not only will...

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Close the Loop, Create - Recover - Reuse
O F Packaging and Close the Loop

We are excited to announce the merger between O F Packaging and Close the Loop,...

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Skyscraper against a blue sky. Investing in a corporate take-back program can make a difference to our planet.
How Corporate Take-Back Programs Make a Difference

As the movement toward sustainable workplaces gains more momentum, many companies are looking to implement...

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A workplace with hands put together in a circle.
Circular Economy: What It Is and Why It Matters

When it comes to sustainability, there are a lot of ways to implement Earth-friendly practices...

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