How We Help: Creating & Maintaining Sustainability Programs

In today’s marketplace, sustainability programs, brand loyalty, and revenue increases go hand in hand. With the systematic decline of in-store shopping and the demanding calls from millennials and Gen Zers for climate change solutions, you need a program that works. Without one, you’re falling behind the competition and missing out on major opportunities.

Retail foot traffic is down 10% year-over-year.

Once they are in-store, 71% of shoppers spend $50 or more than they online.

Consumers increasingly care about environmental impact and steps to address it.

Well-established sustainability programs boost in-store visits, spending averages, and brand loyalty.

“More than six-in-ten Americans say large businesses and corporations (69%) and the energy industry (62%) are doing too little to address climate change.”

Hand Over Your Sustainable Initiatives to Close the Loop

Creating green initiatives from scratch is a daunting process, but we’re here to help. For decades, we’ve successfully created, implemented, and managed corporate sustainability programs that resonate with customers, using innovative technologies, advanced solutions, and radical transparency every step of the way.


Zero Waste to Landfill Promise

You can reassure your customers that nothing they bring back will wind up in a landfill, something not every brand can promise.

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Take Back Programs

Valuable resources don’t need to go to waste. End-of-life collections get your shoppers back in your store, converting them into brand loyalists.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Put your products directly back into the supply chain, giving renewed life to your resources, from cosmetic empties to eyeglasses.

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Less Waste, More Impact: Approaching Sustainability Initiatives Differently

Partnering with Close the Loop means you have a guiding hand facilitating sustainability programs that resonate with your customers, cut down on costs, and help you do your part to save the planet.

Let’s Break Down the Numbers

  • Approximately 292.4 million tons of waste are generated annually in the United States alone.
  • Of that, 69 million tons (23%) were recycled.
  • Finally, only 25 million tons (8%) were composted.

We believe you can beat those odds.

Make a Real Impact to Your Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

What are you waiting for? Schedule a time to talk with our dedicated Close the Loop team to develop corporate sustainability initiatives that directly address your unique goals and roadblocks. Let’s give your customers something to talk about.

Join the Ranks of These Close the Loop Clients

There’s a reason why some of the biggest names around trust Close the Loop to create, deploy, and manage their corporate sustainability initiatives. We’re really good at it.

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