Workers laying Tonerpave on a city street


TonerPave™ is new asphalt with high-recycled content and reduced carbon footprint. TonerPave™ was developed by Close the Loop in partnership with one of Australia’s largest infrastructure companies, Downer Group, and is the result of a shared culture of innovation and a genuine desire to reduce the companies’ carbon footprint. While recycled products are often viewed as being inferior, TonerPave™ produces a superior asphalt that resists rutting and cracking at both high and low temperatures requires less maintenance, and has a 23% lower carbon footprint –  all at the same price as standard asphalt.

Downer is one of Australia’s largest and most progressive infrastructure companies, a top tier producer of asphalt, and a builder of roads. TonerPave™ is part of the company’s new range of asphalt products under its ‘Low Carbon Asphalt’ banner.

The key ingredient of TonerPave™ is MTP (Modified Toner Polymer), which is the result of many years of development by Close the Loop and is a prime example of industrial ecology in action.

CtL and Downer have formed an exclusive partnership to bring TonerPave™ to market. More than 1,000km of TonerPave™ asphalt has been laid in Australian municipal council jurisdictions in most States of Australia and is now a mainstream product with a significant following. We continue to innovate in re-use and re-purposing of recovered post-consumer material into new products and are currently releasing a new product called TonerSeal for use in sprayseal road manufacture, again in partnership with Downer.

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