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Keeping plastic out of our landfills with transparent and effective solutions for recycling cosmetic packaging and products from Close the Loop.

The cosmetic industry is booming, and it isn’t going anywhere. And along with it comes plastic packaging, pumps, and tubes that’re either thrown in the trash or incorrectly recycled. Beyond that, too many recovery and recycling companies aren’t equipped for the influx of cosmetic bottles or how to reuse them efficiently. 

Our passionate, dedicated team can create a makeup recycling program that helps facilitate end-user or retail take-back of cosmetic products and the material recovery/recycling of your product returns or factory scrap. Close the Loop boasts over 20 years of experience recycling powders, liquids, and plastics in complex items. Let us help you reach your sustainability goals. 

The cosmetic and skin care containers used annually add up to 120 billion units of plastics packaging, 70% of which ends up in landfills (EPA).

Close the Loop is Different

Our global locations are uniquely positioned to handle recycled makeup packaging. While other facilities may require consumers to wash out bottles, containers, and tubes, we have the equipment to do it for them. Taking down the roadblock helps more consumers return their empties, giving them new life. 

Partnering With M∙A∙C Cosmetics 

Close the Loop is proud to support the Back-To-M∙A∙C Take-Back Program. This M∙A∙C recycling program shows precisely how we can help larger companies meet their sustainability goals.

150,000 – 200,000 kilograms of cosmetic packaging is expected to be collected for processing in Melbourne, Australia 
Close the Loop Limited (Close the Loop, CLG or the Company) (ASX: CLG), an end-to-end solutions provider from design and manufacturing through to collection and recycling of products, has expanded its partnership with MAC Cosmetics (part of The Estée Lauder Companies NYSE: EL) to support its pioneer takeback program Back-To- M∙A∙C in the United States and Canada.

For over 10 years, Close the Loop has been supporting M∙A∙C Cosmetics in Australia. Through the Back-To- M∙A∙C program, which M∙A∙C created in 1990, customers can take their empty M∙A∙C packaging to participating M∙A∙C Cosmetics counters and stores, as well as online returns.

All empties returned in the United States (excluding California) and Canada, and online at and, will be delivered to Close the Loop facilities for processing.

Products are then sorted into categories and processed by Close the Loop to be recycled or remanufactured into new products. Our advanced technology recycles a high percentage of what’s returned, including materials typically not recyclable through municipal streams.

The remaining materials will be converted into energy via waste-to-energy technology, providing a zero waste-to-landfill solution. M∙A∙C’s signature black plastic will be processed and remanufactured into new M∙A∙C makeup compacts as part of a closed-loop process. Meanwhile, metals are separated and sent to a metals recycling facility; glass is crushed before becoming new glass.

“The beauty industry produces some of the most complex items to responsibly dispose of. The varying size of products and mixed composition of the materials (combining plastics, glass, metals, foils, natural fibres, mirrors, foam, paper, and remnant products) make them difficult to sort and recycle. With this program, we’ve successfully shown that we can recycle the product. The small elements unable to be recycled will be converted into energy via waste-to-energy technology, providing a zero waste-to-landfill solution.

M∙A∙C Cosmetics is a leading luxury brand in sustainable solutions and paving the way for these practices to enter the mainstream beauty sector.

We are excited to pioneer a zero waste-to-landfill solution for compacts, with the potential to be scaled for other products. We see several opportunities for not only expanding this program to other products, but of rolling this out across the industry. 

This program is a great example of how Close the Loop partners with industry leaders to assist with their ESG activities, in this case enabling end-of-life products to be efficiently collected and remanufactured into other products – a true circular economy in action. 

As the only ASX-listed company operating in all parts of the circular economy, we have extensive experience in partnering with industry to help improve their licence to operate by taking responsibility for plastics and investing in innovations that reclaim products and reduce waste.”

CEO of Close the Loop Group, Joe Foster

Efficient Recycling Cosmetics is Essential for the Health of Our Planet 

Recovering and recycling single-use plastic and other materials supports our environment. But there are other holistic benefits to consider:

  • Save money and resources.
    Implementing an efficient beauty recycling program saves your company precious money, time, and resources. At Close the Loop, we can help you establish recovery and recycling programs that increase your bottom line.
  • Boost brand loyalty.
    These days, many consumers are looking to buy makeup with recyclable packaging and from companies with smart sustainability goals. So, take it from us: beauty brands with recycling programs are lightyears ahead of those without one.

Global Beauty Product Recycling for Your Brand

The disposal of cosmetics and lotions doesn’t have to automatically wind up in a landfill. We’re here to help you reach your corporate sustainability and circularity goals. With a Silver Ecovadis rating and excellent track record, we’re the sustainability partner you – and your customers – have been waiting for.  

Learn more about our closed-loop cosmetics and makeup packaging recycling approach, including our industry-leading certifications and standards. Together, we can actually impact cosmetics recycling in tandem with effective take-back programs

Cosmetic supplies spread across a counter

Recycling Cosmetics is Possible

Tell us more about your unique makeup recycling needs, goals, and current frustrations so we can create a personalized sustainability solution for your brand. 

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