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Recycling Solutions for Cosmetics Products

Because of how many cosmetics are created and packaged, recycling them can get complicated. Contrary to popular belief, recycling cosmetics isn’t as simple as tossing your empties in the recycling bin. And consumers are starting to pay more attention to which companies handle their products sustainably. 

If you want to begin your own cosmetics take-back program, our Close the Loop team can help! But first, let’s look at why an effective takeback program is beneficial for your company and our planet. 

Why Is It Important to Recycle Cosmetics Company Products? 

Cosmetic products tend to be relatively small (think lipstick cases and mascara tubes), making cleaning and recycling them difficult, if not impossible. To make matters worse, these containers are usually comprised of a mixture of materials, which gets complicated to recycle correctly. Even recyclable beauty products can be a bit of a misnomer, depending on their packaging. 

And because these products are routinely used and discarded, this issue is becoming increasingly urgent. 

The more circular systems for cosmetic products we build, the more we reduce unnecessary waste. By building a program where consumers mail back their used products, companies can take charge of their environmental footprint, mitigating waste that harms the planet. It just takes a commitment to change and a willingness to implement your plan. 

The Voice of the Consumer

Single-use plastic is the leading cause of plastic pollution. Today, more and more consumers are looking to buy from companies that have a plan for their empties. Effective and transparent take-back programs ensure consumers feel comfortable and confident with their purchases. 

Intrigued? Learn more about how corporate take-back programs can help with customer confidence and brand loyalty.

However, joining with a sustainability partner has its risks. Too many companies are caught greenwashing or even downcycling. At Close the Loop, we approach things differently. 

Our cosmetic waste disposal program focuses on real solutions and progress. Instead of letting your empties sit abandoned in a warehouse or shipping them off to a foreign country, we take care of the problem ourselves. That way, your consumers can trust the promises you make and the data you collect. 

Getting the Message Out 

While many consumers are on the lookout for solutions, an overwhelming majority continue to toss their empty bottles and cases straight into the trash. By spreading the word about proper cosmetic waste disposal, we can work to change those habits. Get people fired up about sustainable solutions. 

We Can Help the Earth Together 

Investing in beauty brands with recycling programs makes a real difference in our world. At Close the Loop, we work with companies to reduce needless waste in landfills, including cosmetics. Our team has 20 years of experience in sustainable solutions for powders, liquids, and plastics in complex items. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable cosmetic waste disposal and get involved!

Contact our passionate team to begin. 

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