Build a Loyal Customer Base

Beyond sustainable practices, you want customer loyalty, brand recognition, and in-store engagement. By partnering with Close the Loop, your business gains a competitive edge.

Positive brand perception

Engaging customers through meaningful sustainability initiatives can lead to positive brand perceptions, increased foot traffic, and repeat business.

Enhanced customer loyalty

Cater to environmentally-conscious customers who value recycling initiatives. By implementing these programs and sharing the results, businesses attract and retain customers who actively support waste reduction efforts.

Increased retail foot traffic

Tailored take-back programs give customers a seamless way to return used products while offering them a sense of fulfillment and contribution towards a greener future.

Three Steps Towards a Real Sustainability Partnership

  1. Talk to us. Tell us where you are and where you want to be, including your goals and roadblocks.
  2. Integrate a process. As a sustainability solutions provider, we assemble, deploy, and manage customized processes aligned with your needs.
  3. Make an impact. Report your impact to your shareholders and customers while celebrating your part in saving the planet.

Having a Sustainability Plan Matters

More industries increasingly turn to Close the Loop for a trustworthy sustainability partner. Implementing effective take-back programs puts your business at the forefront of sustainable practices while reaping the benefits of increased customer engagement. It’s a win-win.
If you don’t already have working take-back and recovery programs, what are you waiting for? Let’s design customized sustainability solutions that exceed your customer’s expectations.

Protect Assets & Data

Beyond the environmental impact and customer loyalty, our take-back programs make compliance easy​ and protect IP and valuable business data.

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Cut Costing Approach

Remake recovered materials into a new usable form, reducing costs and minimizing unnecessary waste. We offer full transparency so you can always have an eye on the complete picture.

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Zero Waste to Landfill Commitment

Nothing we receive ever winds up in a landfill because of our finely-tuned, fully modular recovery processes and unmatched containment capacity.

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Closing the Loop is More Possible Than Ever

Choose Close the Loop as your sustainability partner; together, we’ll empower your business to thrive while positively impacting the environment. Build a loyal customer base and drive repeat business by harnessing the power of recycling programs and sustainable initiatives.
Invest in tailor-made sustainability solutions, no matter your organization’s size, shape, or complexity.

Closing the Loop: Stats at a Glance

Over 41 million pounds of waste products annually diverted from landfills worldwide.

Over 100,000 collection points in the United States alone.

Sustainability partner for multiple Fortune 500 companies, including HP, Staples, Estee Lauder, Xerox, and Foster Grant.

One billion ink cartridges recycled during HP’s takeback program.

Customized sustainability programs designed to fit your plan to save the planet.

Stay in the Know

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