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Close the Loop (CtL) provides best-in-class sustainability solutions to help companies like yours enhance corporate social responsibility programs.

Take Back

Take Back

A partnership with Close the Loop enables your company to benefit from our decades of experience in the design and management of product take-back programs and end-of-life...

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Close the Loop’s proprietary technologies and recovery processes, separates materials to a new useable form ensuring the security of your product and its core elements. And at...

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Close the Loop understands the best form of recycle is first reuse. Our processes include being able to disposition product and provide the received product or products...

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About Close the Loop

Manufacturers of all types turn to CtL to minimize waste and work towards a circular economy. A circular economy makes the most of your valuable resources, transforming items that would normally end up in landfills and oceans into useful commodities that can be returned to the supply chain.

If you don’t already have a working take-back and recovery program, partnering with us to design a program that meets your needs will prevent missteps along the way. With strategically located operations centers around the world, CtL is a clear choice to streamline your existing or a new sustainability program.

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Fast Facts

Global leader in imaging consumables take back programs

Over 100,000 collection points in the US

In 2020 recovered 30 million pounds of material from landfills

Two decades of sustainability innovation and thought leadership

100% of the Fortune 500 companies are customers


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