5 Things You Want From A Sustainability Partner

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5 Things You Want From A Sustainability Partner 

Any successful partnership requires a delicate balance. You want someone who will listen and understand your needs while providing honest, trustworthy expertise. You want a culture that aligns with your own but pushes you to grow. How do you find the right person for the job? By asking the right questions. 

Before You Begin a Sustainability Partnership

Sustainability partnerships thrive on transparency, honesty, professionalism, and communication. Taking stock of these four categories can help you begin a productive working relationship with a sustainability partner.  


You’re not going to get where you want without communication. Ask about the company’s habits of responding to phone calls and emails. Are they proactive or reactive to situations? Do your expectations of one another align? 

You want a partner you can talk to. 

Data and Metrics

When you invest in your business’s goals, you want proof that your efforts are paying off. Sustainability reporting, including analyzed data and metrics, help you trust the work we’re doing for the planet.  

Ask your future partner how they plan to show you your work’s impact and the business benefits of sustainability. What metrics determine success and signify a need for adjustments to the overall strategy? 

You want to work with someone whose sustainability reporting is routine, fair, and honest. 

Certifications and Awards 

What is your potential partner’s track record? Have they been recognized for their work? You want to work with someone recognized for their achievements among other environmental companies. After all, these certifications and awards often point to work that  impacts local, national, and even global efforts. 

Ask for their list of certifications and awards so you can see how their work stacks up against others. 

You want a company that knows what they’re doing. 

Actual In-House Capabilities 

You want to learn about your partner’s abilities to enact real change. What can they handle, and what’s outside their comfort zone? 

At Close the Loop, we’re proud to have in-house capabilities. That means we oversee all of our recycling and recovery work instead of outsourcing it. Our hands-on approach means we practice what we preach, ensuring that your work makes a difference. 

You want a company that takes care of business. 

Ethical Standards 

Above all, you want to work with a company that stands by their ethical standards. Protecting our planet is no small feat. It takes commitment, compassion, and execution. You want environmental companies that share the same values as you do. 

Ask your partner about their environmental ethics. What do they believe? Do their actions support their narrative? Are their responses reflected in their overall culture? 

You want a company with an ethical values system that reflects your own.

A Partnership to Build a Dream On

Align your goals and expectations with your partner to set you both up for success. The business benefits of sustainability make it a worthwhile investment. Worried you don’t know where to begin? That’s okay, that’s why our team is here! 

Check out the list of our current customers. Then, go ahead and add your name to the list. We can’t wait to help you work towards your sustainability goals. 

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