How Corporate Take-Back Programs Make A Difference

Skyscraper against a blue sky. Investing in a corporate take-back program can make a difference to our planet.

How Corporate Take-Back Programs Make a Difference

As the movement toward sustainable workplaces gains more momentum, many companies are looking to implement corporate sustainability strategies. Though there are many ways that a company can work toward generating zero waste, take-back programs are a great option that make a significant impact. 

What Is a Take-Back Program

Take-back programs play a role in creating a circular economy that aims to reuse and repair rather than create new waste. A take-back program is a corporate push to collect products back from consumers after they are old or no longer function. This helps to minimize the need for brand new materials, and keeps old products out of landfills. 

Teva’s “New Life For Old Soles” program is a noteworthy example. The program recycles the company’s sandals into materials for playgrounds, running tracks, and more. 

Why Invest In a Take-Back Program?

For many corporations, take-back programs need to have significant advantages to justify the costs. Fortunately, there are many benefits of investing in a take-back program, including: 

  • Lower production costs, because the material is recycled rather than purchased anew
  • Renewed engagement with your customer base
  • Stronger customer relationships 
  • Simplified reverse logistics
  • A significant, positive environmental impact

Though it may be a learning curve at first, take-back programs ensure that your company’s production is sustainable far into the future. 

The Environmental Impact

Our earth is running out of many resources. Many of the materials we currently use will be unavailable in the coming decades. Others will likely become more expensive. 

Rather than relying on new materials, take-back programs allow companies to use what they already have. This minimizes harmful acquisition practices, and keeps usable resources out of landfills. 

Close The Loop Can Help

Creating a corporate circular economy can be tricky, especially if you haven’t done it before. That’s where we come in! As a leader in the environmental consulting world, Close The Loop can assist you in achieving your sustainability goals. We work together to help you: 

  • Examine the efficiency and safety of your current take-back program
  • Establish a new take-back program if you don’t already have one
  • Meet local government and corporate sustainability standards
  • Customize your program to fit your unique needs
  • Save money on new supplies and materials

Our industry-leading expertise on corporate sustainability practices includes implementing and running take-back programs benefiting your business, community, and environment. You can read more about our approach to take-back services here

Closing The Loop

If you are ready to help the environment and create sustainable business practices, contact Close The Loop today. We’re ready to help you establish or refine a tailored take-back program that works specifically for your business and ensures stable production for years to come. 

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