Celebrating Earth Day At The Office!

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Celebrating Earth Day at the Office!

April 22nd is Earth Day – a time to reflect on our only planet and promote eco-friendly practices. As more businesses focus on corporate sustainability, it’s a good idea to add Earth Day celebrations into your April. 

Not entirely sure how your workplace can celebrate this beloved global holiday? At Close the Loop, we’ve come up with some ideas to help make your Earth Day celebrations fun and impactful.

What to Do For Earth Day 

1. Throw a No-Waste Earth Day Celebration 

Using strictly sustainable products, have a celebration to bring awareness to environmental concerns. This is a great time to promote reusable water bottles (consider having a water bottle decorating challenge) and meatless meal options. Why not try unveiling sustainable coffee options for the office?

2. Create a Friendly Competition.

After all, who doesn’t love in-office contests? Whether you’re in-person or working from home, see who can hit one (or more) of these targets:

  • use the least amount of plastic in their work for the week? 
  • go a whole day without paper or plastic products? 
  • bike, walk, carpool, or use public transportation to get to the office? 
  • eat meatless for the day? Reducing meat consumption can make a big environmental impact. 

The sky’s the limit, so have fun creating your benchmarks. Think up a fun and green reward for the winner(s), such a reusable grocery bag set. 

3. Invite an Expert to Speak

Earth Day is a great time to educate your team on relevant environmental topics. Poll the office to see what topics people are interested in learning about. Check out this list of organizations to see who aligns with the group’s interest and invite an expert from the organization to speak and answer questions about that topic. Learning together is much more fun than learning alone! 

Earth Day Can Inspire Workplace Change 

Not only are these ideas a way to get folks involved, they can also start conversations that lead to more corporate sustainability practices in the workplace. Now is a great time to implement a recycling system, advocate for a no-waste workplace, promote eco-friendly commuting, and reward teammates for contributing to a greener office. 

Get Involved 

These days, more customers are invested in seeing transparent and sustainable business practices. Make sure to read our recent piece about setting corporate sustainability goals, and let us know if you end up implementing any of our suggestions. We love to hear your success stories! 

Thinking Close the Loop can help with your corporate sustainability goals? We’d love to! Reach out to learn how we can help your workplace make less of an environmental impact. 

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