Setting Corporate Sustainability Goals

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Setting Corporate Sustainability Goals

Each day, more and more companies chose to invest in corporate sustainability. By creating a culture that promotes sustainability in the workplace, we can all work together to lessen our environmental impact. 

But where to start? Well, it all begins with setting achievable corporate sustainability goals. While that may seem intimidating at first, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re jumping into this process for the first time, or looking to refine what you have, Close the Loop has a few ideas to help. 

First off, what is Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability targets the social, environmental, cultural, and economic aspects of doing business. By looking at how to create and foster longevity and sustainability in those areas, you can grow your economic profit while contributing to the social good. Not only that, it can give you an edge over competitors, as more people become invested in transparency from businesses. 

How to Set Achievable Environmental Corporate Sustainability Goals 

Look at where you’re starting from. 

As with all goal setting, you have to start somewhere. Take stock of what you already have. Does your company recycle? Do you have aspects of your business that produce a lot of waste? Write down these observations and then strategically plan how you can improve.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork 

Setting sustainability in the workplace group goals helps accountability and comradery. Whether you tackle different aspects within different departments or utilize incentives for achieving certain milestones, it’ll be easier (and more enjoyable) if the whole team is on board. The famous Paul Wellstone saying is true: we all do better when we all do better. 

Link Your Goals to Your Business

Consider what your business already does. How can your goals increase productivity and revenue generation? Your goals should affect every aspect of your business, including (but not limited to) office efficiency, human resources, distribution, and supply chain. Instead of thinking of your sustainability goals as something you have to do, consider how they help your business become more profitable, efficient, and resourceful. 

Partner Up 

Even the best intentions need a helping hand. Close the Loop helps your company put together and implement corporate sustainability processes. From take back to recovery to figuring out the best way to reuse items, Close the Loop can help you do just that! 

Close the Loop Can Help! 

At Close the Loop, we provide best-in-class sustainability solutions. Our mission is to help companies like yours enhance their corporate social responsibility programs. Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we are here to boost your efforts. Contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals and go green together! 

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