6 Ways to Commit to Sustainability This Year

Woman looking out. Make this the year you commit to business sustainability practices.

6 Ways to Commit to Sustainability This Year

This year, decide to create and commit to your corporate sustainability goals. Not only will this make an environmental impact, but increasing demands for accountability mean business sustainability practices are becoming more scrutinized. If you’re not worried about this yet, now is the time to get involved. 

Increase Your Sustainability in Business

Set Specific Goals for Your Program.

 Think about where you are now and where you’d like to be at the end of the year. How about in five years? Write specific goals down and pin them somewhere visible. If you’re working remotely, post it in a chat channel where it can stay top of mind for everyone. Follow up with a few small steps you can take to reach that goal.

Get People to Buy Into the Idea. 

Helping people understand the importance of sustainability can feel like an uphill battle, but once you explain the benefits, you’ll have a partner to help you. Show them statistics, including how customer loyalty is affected by corporate sustainability goals.

Identify Reuse and Recovery Opportunities With Your Unique Line of Work. 

Each business has its own unique set of circumstances. Take stock of your current workplace and think about the waste you’d like to eliminate. You can identify a good place to start by thinking through the process backward. 

Recycle your Toner Cartridges Properly. 

This is one of the easiest and most effective changes you can make this year. Because toner cartridges aren’t biodegradable, it’s important to dispose of them properly. Otherwise, they’ll end up languishing in a landfill. At Close the Loop, we have an established program to help you recycle toner cartridges easily.

Consider how Staples has become a leading example of recovery. They added take-back programs designed for e-waste, including toner cartridges, and so far, they’ve recovered 48.7 million pounds! Talk about a massive impact on the environment. 

At Close the Loop, we proudly partner with Staples as they hit their corporate sustainability goals. 

Read our blog ‘What to Do With Workplace Ink Cartridges’ for a more in-depth look at why recycling them matters. 

Expand Your Take-Back Program (or Start One!) 

Take-back programs offer a whole host of benefits, including building customer loyalty, decreasing supply prices, and positively impacting the environment. Once you have an established program, be sure to communicate its details to your customers—they’ll be looking for information about it.

Start a Partnership with Close the Loop. 

Taking the first step towards sustainability can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Close the Loop, we value our partnerships with companies all around the globe. We can help you take back, recover, and reuse complex, hard-to-recycle plastics (including toner cartridges) to lessen your impact on the Earth and make a real difference.

Commit to Better, Greener, and More Sustainable Business Practices

Now that you have this information, the choice is yours. Sustainability in business isn’t a fad; it’s a trend that’s here to stay. This is your chance to make a difference, not only to your community but to the world around you. Learn more about our work at Close the Loop, including a list of our customers. Together we can create a better future. 

And stay tuned to our blog for more industry insights, tips, and updates. 

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